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The four books in the COMING OF AGE Quartet are set chronologically before the final volume of GREEK LETTERS, but the crafting of the books means that they all can be read in any order.



CAST A HOROSCOPE - (DOORS TO MANUAL) steps backwards to 1960. This is a story of exotic Mediterranean locations before the days of mass tourism, of childbirth out of wedlock, in an era when support was rarely available for the mother. Rosalind joins the airline with whom she flies as an airhostess. Set in in the early days of package holidays and more conventioanl and homely West Yorkshire it explores human emotions trying to cope with situations where some characters would rather not be. Does a conventional marriage bring a happy ending? Perhaps that's unusual in a Suzi Stembridge novel!

ISBN: 978-1-78507-363-2  Kindle edition paperback:



THE SCORPIONS LAST TALE (chronologically the second in the Coming of Age Quartet; please see separate page. Kindle Edition Paperback:



BRIGHT DAFFODIL YELLOW explores Gerald’s need for a change of identity by name and surgery; by now his first-born is not the only child able to claim his paternity. Gerald escapes from Kyrenia in Cyprus under the cover to the Turkish invasion of 1974 to London and the Lake District, with scenes in Portmeirion in Wales where his second son is disabled. The protagonist is finally forced to confront his inability to accept his responsibilities. Kindle edition Paperback: 



THE GLASS CLASS brings the saga towards the 21st century with Rosalind’s friends failing to support her after her divorce from William. The image of beautiful people is wearing thin and dreams are unfulfilled. Certain deaths begin to look suspicious and with scenes in Yorkshire and North Wales, it is only when those in the crowd, whose illusions have not been shattered, holiday on Spetses in Greece that the portagonists are absolved from suspicion. A story set against a background of journalism, alcoholism, 19th century history and the Open University. ISBN: 978-1-78507-628-2 Kindle edtion paperback: