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From the nineteen seventies the founders of Greco-file have worked to disseminate their knowledge to others who love Greek culture and travel.


At first Suzi Stembridge and her husband Simon who had been travelling to Greece since the early nineteen sixties concentrated on writing brochures for other tour operators and helping them to sell their holidays. Joined by their son Oliver, this led to them starting their own tour operation FILOXENIA which became known for its flexibility and independent approach to travel around the Greek mainland and on the more unusual islands or the remoter parts of the popular islands. They repeatedly stressed that their owners were those likely to be ‘friends of strangers’ (literally the meaning of Filoxenia) and offer the most hospitality, so not all their properties were in the luxury class and indeed some of the most sought after were distinctly ethnic and relaxed.


When this business was sold, GRECO-FILE has continued to help discerning travellers, particularly promoting other tour operators such as SUNVIL HOLIDAYS and good accommodation such as the Hotel Minoa in Tolo, Properties Eleonas in Gialova, Pylos; Hotel Votsala on Lesvos, Hotel Liotopi in Olymbiada.


We will still respond to an email, but do bear in mind that these days we prefer to put you directly in touch with the specialists.


Suzi books include a Quartet of historical novels entitled GREEK LETTERS and a contemporary series COMING OF AGE as ebooks on Amazon Kindle and available as a paperbacks to order at WATERSTONES, independent bookshops & ON AMAZON. These 8 novels attract good reviews & CAST A HOROSCOPE, the first book in the Coming of Age series, has received a Chill with a Book Readers' Award.


The books span a 200 year period from early 19th c to the present day and run as one family's saga; the whole series called Jigsaw offers a unique perspective of a fast disappearing era and culture. Each book stands alone and can be read independently.


The dog-lover's book THE PUPPY WHO DIDN'T LIKE RAIN is available as an e-book and picture paperback.












A favourite haunt of ours since 1979, a beautifully run family hotel right on the beach....ask us for our other choices!

Hotel Minoa on the beach at Tolo represents just one of the hotels and properties which has remained constantly at the top of its game and is popular with young and old from Easter to late October.

IN THE MEANTIME Oliver Stembridge found himself concentrating on the photographic side of the business and from his many thousands of pictures in various categories he can personalise your greeting cards, calendars, memory albums or postcards, working from his own photographs or from yours. Please see the web-page "Organising your Picture-Life" on this website AND