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Island Recommendations

An island surprise! THE HOTEL VOTSALA at Thermi on Lesvos is a beautifully run simple hotel right on the sea on the East Coast. It hasn't altered its ethos in years and it is the ambiiance and atmosphere created by Iannis and Daphne, whether it is the once a week dinner served at the Hotel (there are tavernas in historic Thermi) or the music played at breakfast (classical) or rock/blues in the evening making a lasting impression of peace and relaxation. We were not surprised to learn that Daphne has been awarded a particularly prestigious award for her help on the island during the refugee crisis of 2015.


KYTHIRA is another of our favourite islands. We recommend staying in Kapsali. Cengo Apartments are absolutely on the seafront and recommended.


ELAFONISSOS is lovely, for a day trip from Neapolis or for a short stay. Some of Greece's most beautiful beaches are on this island.


We can never relinquish our love for CORFU. We have been travelling to Corfu since 1965! In those days apart from a short stretch of road from Corfu Town down to the south of the island, most of roads were untarred. Curiously it is in the south where you can still find coves and areas with less visitors, although much of the coast around the island still has some wild places and of course, as with the mainland, just go inland from the coast and you will find real gems. Watch this space for ideas in Corfu!